DAMP is a free MP3 music player for DOS, which not only allows the playback of MP3 files, but also the visualisation of the audio through responsive image manipulation. Not just "here's a pretty pattern", but images that respond to the audio in order to create a richer, more fulfilling experience.

But you don't want flashy graphics? Fine, have it your way! DAMP also includes a text-based output, for when you're not drunk :)

DAMP also contains many of the features you'd need in an in-car MP3 player.

DAMP also supports your existing WinAMP playlist (.M3U) and Sonique playlist (.PLS) files, with random play, limited play, name display etc.
Here's a brief feature list:

o Can play a sequence of MP3 files from a WinAmp playlist (.M3U) file
o Can play a sequence of MP3 files from a Sonique playlist (.PLS) file
  (Yes, it'll even work with extended playlists - it doesn't yet take
   advantage of the extra info contained in them though).
o Ignores non-MP3 files in playlists
o Can play a selection of songs from a playlist, rather than the WHOLE
o Random play - take a gamble on what you'll hear next!
o "Surround Sound"
o A pretty funky visualisation option that can even synchronise its graphics
  to the beat of the music
o Supports long filenames (even under plain DOS if
  you get "lfndos" from this site).
o Keypad and user-configureable joystick control
o DAMP.ini for storing commonly used settings
o Multiple playlist support
o Support for non-standard input devices (driver-based)
o ID3 tag support
o LCD support (driver-based)
o It's free software