I've had a lot of positive support for DAMP, so if you're still unsure whether DAMP is right for you, check out these comments I've received from satisfied users:

"I think DAMP is better than WinAMP""very very impressive""I'm fascinated about it"
"Please don't stop developing DAMP""i think its great""Thanks for creating the nicest MP3 player i found"
"it simply EXACTLY what I needed""I loved the graphix by beats thingie. its really cool""damp rules!"
"I love this thing!""outstanding!""great prog!"
"What can I say? Superb!""It's really cool!""kicks winamp's arse"
"I love damp. Period.""Damp is cool with a cool name. Hail to damp!""damp is the best dosplayer i can found."
"I was originally using MpxPlay for my car mp3 player, but I think that DAMP sound's much better""thanks for making such a cool piece of software""DAMP is a very cool program -- by far the best DOS mp3 player out there"
"I love Damp""I keep saying 'wouldn't it be cool if this software would...' and it DOES! GOOD JOB!""YOUR PROGRAM ROCKS!"